Achieving against all odds

November 11, 2020

Andy Grant

Andy has been through more than most people do in their lifetime. From losing his mother aged 12, to joining the Royal Marines, to active ...
June 13, 2018

Ashley John-Baptiste

Ashley John-Baptiste: from Care Home to Cambridge to Boy Band...........
November 12, 2019

Bonita Norris

Her inspiring story of going from novice climber to standing on top of Mount Everest in only two years speaks to the hearts and ...
March 31, 2021

Carl Morris

Left profoundly deaf through meningitis aged 3, Carl overcame adversity to become a world pool champion, adventurer and speaker…
November 27, 2019

Ed Jackson

Ed Jackson is a former professional rugby player, with a career spanning 10 years. In April 2017, after diving into the shallow end of a swimming ...
March 11, 2024

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, locked in a box while covered in 200,000 bees, attacked by sharks, bitten by rattlesnakes and hung from his ...
August 27, 2019

Leon McKenzie

As former Premier League footballer and professional boxer, Leon McKenzie knows exactly what it takes to be successful in a competitive arena Leon is ...
March 31, 2021

Martin Hibbert

Martin is a survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing attack, where he suffered life changing injuries. Martin will talk about Mental Health and Wellbeing ...
September 29, 2023

Martin Perry

Martin Perry is a world-class Para Table Tennis professional hailing from Scotland, known for his incredible achievements on the international stage. Born with Congenital ...
January 10, 2022

Natalie Queiroz MBE

From fighting for her life, being completely and utterly broken, to gaining an MBE within 6 years. Natalie’s journey of embracing her vulnerability, holding ...
February 17, 2023

Sam Jalloh

Born to parents who had eleven children, Sam’s childhood was disrupted, at age six, Sam was adopted and he faced constant punishment from ...
February 12, 2020

Zach Washington-Young

In September 2012, 22 year old Zach Washington-Young was in the Bestival […]