November 11, 2020

Andy Grant

Andy has been through more than most people do in their lifetime. From losing his mother aged 12, to joining the Royal Marines, to active ...
March 21, 2019

Ben Williams

Ben was broke, addicted to drugs and on the edge of life. Turned Royal Marines Commando and Recruit instructor. Injured on the frontline, to ...
June 13, 2018

Benjamin Mee

Author of the book “We bought a zoo” based on his true-life story, and immortalised by the Hollywood film of the same name, which ...
May 30, 2019

Christopher Howell

Motivational speaker and Magic Circle magician: how to innovate your life and business with creativity.
June 13, 2018

Dr David Hamilton PHD

David speaks speak about the impact of the mind on the body, the effect of compassion and kindness on the heart, the contagiousness ...
June 13, 2018

Dr Jack Lewis

Jack received his neuroscience doctorate in 2005 and got his post-doctoral research published in the prestigious Journal of Neuroscience in 2010. Since then he has ...
June 13, 2018

Dr Mike Stroud OBE

Mike Stroud is well known for his record-breaking expeditions with Sir Ranulph Fiennes
June 13, 2018

Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont has become a household name through his documentaries about ultra endurance and adventure World Record holding adventurer and TV ...
June 13, 2018

Mark Ormrod

Royal Marine Triple Amputee - while in Helmand Province he was caught in a landmine explosion and lost both legs and one arm. &...
March 31, 2021

Martin Hibbert

A survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing attack. Martin is currently planning to hand cycle Kilimanjaro in September to raise £1m for Spinal Injury ...
June 13, 2018

Naomi Riches MBE

Naomi Riches was just 8 weeks old when she was diagnosed with a visual impairment.Naomi swam for the local disabled swimming ...
January 10, 2022

Natalie Queiroz MBE

From fighting for her life, being completely and utterly broken, to gaining an MBE within 6 years. Natalie’s journey of embracing her vulnerability, holding ...