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Ashley John-Baptiste meets Nick Clegg

30th April, 2014
Ashley sounds a voice for vulnerable young people..

Ashley John-Baptiste meets Nick CleggAshley John-Baptiste, motivational speaker, musician and song writer, met a host of impressive individuals, including Nick Clegg, in London last night for an Easter dinner.  Ashley said "For me, it's all about using these spaces to sound a voice for vulnerable young people...foster kids in particular. As I run through these overwhelming open doors of opportunity, I want to see a generation of foster kids run through with me."  This topic is particularly close to Ashley's heart, as he grew up being shuttled between foster families and children's homes and moved primary school three times.  Ashley, now aged 23 is inspiring audiences in Universities, Colleges, Care Homes and schools with his amazing story and his motivational messages, he now has a history degree from Cambridge University and recently presented his own TV documentary "Care Home Kids - looking for love."



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