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Former World and Olympic champion Michael Johnson receives a standing ovation

23rd May, 2012
Michael Johnson, was the keynote speaker at our client's annual conference in Europe. As he came up to the stage he received a standing ovation.

We were very excited to bring former World and Olympic champion Michael Johnson ‘across the pond’ to speak at our clients conference last month in Europe.

Michael was the key note speaker at their annual conference where, we were later told by our client "The delegates felt privileged to be in the presence of such a sporting legend and to receive a standing ovation as he came up to the stage was really something."

Michael is making the most of his time his time in the UK by fronting a new project called ‘Can you compete under pressure’, an on-line experiment devised by BBC’s lab test, where you can test and analyse your ability to cope under pressure.   Since his retirement from the track, Johnson has established himself as a highly-regarded performance coach and analyst, working with Olympic athletes, Premier football clubs and F1 motor-racing teams.   Johnson said about the project : ‘The performance data will help scientists understand more about the way all of us react under pressure. I think the results will tell us that people can improve their ability to deal with pressure.’

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