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Sabirul Islam

20th October, 2011
Sabirul talks about his Inspire1Million project in Botswana where he reached out to over 200,000 youths in 14 days

Why it’s great being Ditiro!
From a name change to a fantastic 14 days in touring most of be honest it’s the first country to have brought tears to my eyes! Why you may ask? The response from the youth and mark left behind has been so immense, that it almost felt unreal!

To have taken the Inspire1Million project to Botswana, I could have not ask for a much more empowering 14 days...The people I’ve met were extraordinary, the support I received was immense and yes...a Big thank you has to go to BYNC, JCI, all the sponsors and of course Team Sabirul! ;-)

As much as the journey across the country was one to remember, there have been many issues which I did witness that need to be addressed in order for Botswana to benefit as a nation, from successful young entrepreneurs.

Youth need to be taught about enterprise from a much younger age. A key way to achieve this is implementing enterprise learning through within the education at grass root levels or at least from aged 11 and above. A lot of youth have ideas in wanting to set up a business, but most ideas are similar to others. Youth need to be more innovative...they need to think differently and most importantly think outside the box.

Another important factor would be funding...Yes, funding is fantastic when it comes to setting up a business. But why do many businesses fail? They cycle of success needs to be addressed when it comes to setting up a business. A person must a) be inspired to become an entrepreneur, b) Be educated in the field of business they want to take. And then c) be provided with the opportunity to get started. That way everyone is better equipped to run a business rather than providing funding to a person who has no knowledge of business or isn’t motivated to be an entrepreneur!

Youth need role models and influential people to look up to and it is very important that Botswana as a nation is able to showcase talented and successful youth to other young people, to show that it is possible to achieve success, even with limited amounts in resources and funding!
Having travelled across many parts of Botswana, I have say that I really loved the long road trips and the animals I’ve seen for the first time such as an elephant, buffalo and hippo! But nothing will top the fact that I was able to reach out to over 200,000 youths in the space of 14 days! An immense journey that will live long in my memory!

A Big Thank You once again to everyone in Botswana, and I do hope I have been able to at least inspire a few to go out there and achieve great things!

Sabirul ‘Ditiro’ Islam :-)

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