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Jim McNeill

6th July, 2011
An amazing 'day in the life mind map' from our new speaker, Explorer Jim McNeill which had us reeling and full of admiration

We are expecting a constant supply of extraordinary, news, photography and digital communication from our new speaker, explorer, Jim McNeill.


His ground breaking exploits and journeys to the wild, leading teams such as film crews or expeditions to undiscovered jungles, deserts and polar regions in search of bears or wolves or parts of the planet under threat are mesmerising.


We've just received his amazing day in the life mind map which had us reeling and full of admiration. We don't know how he manages to prepare an intricate  proposal for Canada's Polar Continental Shelf Project, walk the dog, meet the media, kit out the likes of 20 people from Rolls Royce for cold climate engine testing and still have a life!  And this is just a fraction of a typical day!

His next expedition is the Last Genuine World First to be accomplished in the Polar Regions – a north pole which as yet has not been reached. The Pole of Inaccessibility.

He is one of a handful of specialists invited to belong to the US based Explorers Club which promotes scientific exploration of the land, sea, air and even space!

His Ice Warrior expeditions are about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, expeditions with meaning - true citizen science. It takes brilliant project management and superb leadership to undertake them.


Jim's talks are about:

• His drive to establish the pulse of the planet and his hectic life

• His vision of how to engage everyone in the global problem of change 

• Modern-day exploration 

• Cutting through the politics of climate change -evidence from the coal face 

• Polar bear and wolf encounters

• Leadership in the cold and training film and tv crews 

• Rare knowledge of inuit

• An ambitious scheme and sponsorship drive to have mock ice stations in locations such as South Bank, London and New York where school children and the public can learn about the planet and the Pole of Inaccessibility expedition in real time.


We can't wait to introduce him to you for your next BIG event.

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