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Sahar Hashemi listed in The Director Top 10 of original thinkers

15th June, 2011
Sahar Hashemi was recently listed in The Director, Top 10 of original thinkers - 10 ideas to shape the UK's recovery.

Ideas are the building blocks of innovation. But they are also the tools with which we dismantle unfashionable models. And there is rarely a more fitting time to refresh old ways than after a recession, when good ideas can be an antidote to flagging fortunes. Ideas need champions.

Sahar Hashemi is one of the 10 original thinkers, they all have varying backgrounds and fields of interest, but they are all British, and they are all connected by a single ambition: to redesign an established concept so that it fits the demands of the future, whether for the good of business, or society. Entrepreneurs such as Sahar Hashemi, trust in the capability of corporations to nurture future entrepreneurs, these are the original thinkers whose ideas will help shape Britain's recovery.

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