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Fraser Doherty

20th May, 2011
Edinburgh Report Chats to Fraser Doherty of SuperJam

You may have seen jars of SuperJam in some of the shops and supermarkets around Edinburgh. His story is one of meteoric rise to running his own business while still in his teens.

So what is his own recipe for success?
“I was helped initially by the Prince’s Trust – I got some advice from them and a loan of around £5,000 when I was about 16 or 17. Now I am an ambassador for Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust and I regularly attend events in that capacity.”

How long has your business being going?
“My business has been going for almost 8 years now – since I was about 14. I did go to university for a year, but then everything took off business-wise and it wasn’t really possible to continue studying. ”

Why are you living in Edinburgh?
“Well I was born here and so I didn’t have much choice in the matter! My parents and brother still live in Edinburgh but I have some family in Glasgow too. I have lived here all my life. I was born in a hospital here but don’t really know which one!” (Come on, Fraser’s mum – you might know?!)

What about your jam -  is it Scottish?
“The jam is not made in Scotland.  It was not possible at 16 to build my own jam factory so I had to find one which was willing to work with me. I had to convince them to work with me! There are only about four factories in the UK, and I use one which is situated in the North of England. They make the jam according to my recipe.”

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