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Tim Campbell

20th May, 2011
Tim Campbell - The Apprentice star gives advice to pupils

Jon Cheek manages marketing for Birmingham City Business School. He booked Tim Campbell with Room54 to promote undergraduate courses with the Business School, and careers in Business to students from a range of regional schools and colleges.

“Tim Campbell is an excellent guest speaker, and really caught the hearts and minds of the students in attendance. The event was a tremendous success, and the feedback from both schools and students following it has been fantastic. Tim has the unique ability to capture the attention of students, and inspire them to consider alternatives to the general career path suggested by schools and colleges.

I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship myself, and would have loved the opportunity to hear a  motivational talk on entrepreneurship, along with associated mentoring opportunities when I was younger. This may have given me the drive to pursue with many of the ideas I have had. I know first–hand that that such ventures become less attractive with a family to support and a mortgage to pay for.

From my experience working with the age group concerned, I think the key to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs is to encourage it at a young age, before commitments increase, where people think more about risk and the few reasons things won’t work, rather than the many reasons they will”.

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