Student Knowledge – FAQ

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Student Knowledge – FAQ

Q Why is this different to any other web site or App
A Our Student Knowledge App provides celebrity and expert advice from speakers who have hands on experience of setting up their own businesses, overcoming adversity or achieving incredible goals.  They are best placed to give insight into their achievements.

Q How can I find out who will be speaking at my University?
A You can find this information in ‘Look who’s talking  - Notice Board’ will provide an up to date list of all our speakers at Universities and Colleges around the UK

Q Is the App downloadable on Android devices?
A Yes the App is compatible with all Android devices

Q Is the information on university fees up to date?
A We endeavour to keep all the information as up to date as possible but cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Q Will the Student App help me on the layout for my CV?
A Yes, you will find this in ‘Applying for a job’

Q I need to earn some more money whilst I’m at University, do you have some tips for this?
A Yes we have some great suggestions in Mentoring and Business advice, Ways of boosting your income

Q My finances are spiralling out of control, can you help?
A Go to Finance, When in financial difficulty.  We point you in the right direction to get help

Q I’m struggling to find the best way to revise for my exams
A You can find help and tips on mind mapping and relaxation in Wellbeing, Help with Exams

Q What will the App cover?
A There is a section on Finance, Wellbeing, Finding a job, Starting your own business, Problems and Advice, Mentoring and Business

Q Are we able to have our say?
A Yes, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Q Who are some of the celebrities giving their advice?
A David Coulthard (F1), Kriss Akabusi (Olympian), Tim Campbell (Founder of the Bright Ideas Trust), Kanya King (Founder of the Mobo awards) to name just a few

Q Are you able to point us in the right direction if we need more help?
A Yes we have links to organisations who will be able to provide specialist advice

Q Will the app be updated regularly?
A Yes, as new celebrities come on board we will continuously update the App with new information and advice

Q Are these real recipes from students?
A Yes, we have asked a number of students for their favourite recipes and these are a selection

Q Will the recipes be updated?
A Yes we will update these regularly, please feel free to send us your favourite recipe to include