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Motivational Women Speakers

If you’re looking for top motivational women speakers for your event, Room54 has a diverse portfolio of female speakers available. The number of female entrepreneurs smashing through the ‘glass ceiling’ to make their own contribution to the economy is increasing every year, and these motivational women speakers can engage with your audience and inspire them by sharing their own experiences. Our portfolio of motivational female speakers also includes women who have shown extraordinary drive, commitment and determination to overcome physical and mental challenges to achieve their goals. Room54 can supply motivational women speakers to suit any audience, event or budget.


Michelle Mone is the founder and co-owner of MJM International, a multi-million pound lingerie company.

Topics: Leadership, Motivation,

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE does not regard herself as disabled. She is simply one of the best athletes in the world. That’s why she has became a Paralympic hero and gold medallist. She trains even when feeling low and has the will to win on and off the athletics field. She is a champion for the disabled and inspiration to all.

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Topics: Sports, Motivation, Teamwork, Inspirational,

Bianca Miller-Cole is an award-winning Entrepreneur

Topics: Leadership, Entrepreneurialism, Achieving Goals, Branding,

Carly Ward founded the Young Entrepreneur Society Ltd (YES) in 2009 when at only 19 years old at the time, she was unemployed and wanted to start a business. 

Carly contacted some of the top entrepreneurs in the UK to ask them how they began their amazing journeys and what made them super successful in life.  Most of those she contacted agreed to see her and share their experiences in recorded interviews.  It is these interviews that have now become an integral part of The 12 Steps to Success Programme.


Topics: Motivation, Inspirational, Entrepreneurialism,

Conqueror of Everest - Cathy O'Dowd is the only woman ever to have climbed the peak from both south and north sides. Her speaking engagements focus on issues such as self-motivation, risk-assessment and team dynamics and are illustrated by fabulous images of her climbs. Cathy is a superb storyteller with powerful messages for the business community too.

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Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Environment, Teamwork, Inspirational, Communication, Risk Management, Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Goals,