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Inspirational Speakers

Room54 prides itself on working with the finest inspirational speakers in the UK. Our portfolio includes a wide range of speakers from different backgrounds, ranging from fearless adventurers and explorers who have pushed themselves to the limit in search of new discoveries, to successful entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women who have relied upon their immense drive, focus and motivation to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for inspirational speakers that can engage with and motivate your audience, Room54 can provide you with the perfect speaker to attend your specific event and leave your guests or employees feeling inspired. Call 01753 632 800 today to discuss our inspirational speakers.


David speaks speak about the impact of the mind on the body, the effect of compassion and kindness on the heart, the contagiousness of emotions, and even the nature of the mind and consciousness.

Topics: Inspirational, Dealing with change and personal motivation, Communication, Wellbeing, Creative Thinking, Motivation/Inspiration, Body Language, Psychology,

Phil Hammond qualified as a doctor in 1987, became a GP in 1991 and has also worked in sexual health.

In 2002, Phil fronted ‘28 Minutes to Save the NHS” on Radio 4, which he extended to a sell out Edinburgh Fringe Show

Phil has been a Lecturer in Medical Communication at the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol and currently works as a part time GP in the Bristol area. He is much in demand as a speaker, facilitator and conference chair

Dr Phil Hammond’s fantastic ‘Sex, Sleep or Scrabble? – Seriously Funny Answers to Life’s Quirkiest Questions’ is the perfect read to find the answers to some seriously bizarre questions!

Topics: After Dinner, Host/Facilitator, Comedy, Health and Fitness, Wellbeing, Medical Speaker,

Eliot is a renowned music producer who has produced hit records for Take That, Bryan Adams and The Spice Girls.

Topics: Following your dreams, Setting goals and working towards them, Talent Development,

Polar Adventurer and Sports Personality Fiona Thornewill was a media sensation around the world in January 2004 when she became the fastest solo polar walker in the world. The lady dubbed by the press as ‘Ice Queen’ bravely trekked across 700 miles of dangerous Antarctic wasteland in sub zero temperatures pulling a 285 lb (130 kilo) sledge to the South Pole in a record 42 days.

Topics: After Dinner, Motivation, Teamwork, Inspirational,

Fraser Doherty, now 24 set up SuperJam at the age of 14, using his Grandmother's secret jam recipes.  Fraser became the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket chain when Waitrose launched the range in March 2007. Awarded an MBE in June 2014

Topics: After Dinner, Motivation, Inspirational, Technology and Innovation, Marketing and Promotion, Entrepreneurialism, Branding & Reputation, Young People / Generation Y,