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Inspirational Speakers

Room54 prides itself on working with the finest inspirational speakers in the UK. Our portfolio includes a wide range of speakers from different backgrounds, ranging from fearless adventurers and explorers who have pushed themselves to the limit in search of new discoveries, to successful entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women who have relied upon their immense drive, focus and motivation to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for inspirational speakers that can engage with and motivate your audience, Room54 can provide you with the perfect speaker to attend your specific event and leave your guests or employees feeling inspired. Call 01753 632 800 today to discuss our inspirational speakers.


Sales and People Management Expert, TV presenter, Columnist and Author and star of "The Apprentice"

Topics: Motivation, Personal Development, Risk Assessment, Communication,


Shaa Wasmund is a one of Britain's most widely regarded digital entrepreneurs.

Topics: Leadership, Management Style, Social Media,

Olympian, Model, Presenter, Author and Motivational Speaker

Topics: Sports, Motivation, Teamwork,

Simon Weston’s determination and courage is legendary since he returned from the Falklands Conflict with terrible burns. His irrepressible humour and charm is infectious and uplifting and he is one of the most compelling of speakers. Simon's successful career since leaving the Welsh Guards demonstrates clearly that a positive mental attitude can inspire others and achieve great business goals.

Topics: Motivation, Inspirational, Dealing with Crisis & Crisis Management, Dealing with change and personal motivation,

Sir Ranulph Fiennes The Worlds Greatest Living Explorer! One of the best for business speeches, after dinner speeches in fact most corporate events. He is guaranteed to motivate, interest and amuse audiences. Always in the top ten!!

Click the link below to see Ranulph being interviewed:

Sir Ranulph in the press:

Q & A with intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes - Daily Mail

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Inspirational, Risk Assessment, Dealing with Crisis & Crisis Management, Dealing with change and personal motivation,