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Room54 understand that when it comes to booking motivational business speakers or conference speakers, it is important to ensure that the speaker has the right tone for the event, along with the confidence and experience to engage with the audience and deliver a speech that will motivate and inspire them. Whether you’re looking for business speakers or conference speakers, Room54 have some of the UK’s most talented business men and women on our books and are happy to advise you as to which of our business speakers or conference speakers we feel would be most suitable for your event.


The founder, owner and creative driving force behind YO! Sushi, Simon Woodroffe has won many entrepreneurial awards. Simon spent 30 years in the entertainment business before letting his creative genius loose on our taste buds.

See Simon explain what it takes to be an entrepreneur:

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork,

Sir Clive Woodward, the coach who led England's rugby players to World Cup glory in Australia in 2003, is now the full-time elite performance Director of the British Olympic Association.

Topics: Sports, Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork,

Sir Gerry Robinson is one of the UK’s most powerful businessmen and presenter of the TV series I’ll Show Them Who’s Boss.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes The Worlds Greatest Living Explorer! One of the best for business speeches, after dinner speeches in fact most corporate events. He is guaranteed to motivate, interest and amuse audiences. Always in the top ten!!

Click the link below to see Ranulph being interviewed:

Sir Ranulph in the press:

Q & A with intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes - Daily Mail

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Inspirational, Risk Assessment, Dealing with Crisis & Crisis Management, Dealing with change and personal motivation,


Retail businesses are in constant turmoil yet the John Lewis Partnership remains a tightly run ship sailing through troubled waters.  Much of this is due to exceptional leadership and business planning by our speaker of the month, retail legend Sir Stuart Hampson, who set the scene for retail growth and exceptional customer service when he was their chairman.  Still highly regarded by his peers even in retirement, Sir Stewart is known as one of the most successful leaders of a blue chip company. He tells about exceptional leadership in troubled times and the qualities needed to steer a business in the right direction.

Last year thousands of John Lewis partners experienced a profit windfall while other shops struggled to keep afloat. Many shops have now sunk without trace in recession because they failed to respond to changing market trends and the march of the internet in particular.

Sir Stuart is an innovator and people watcher who knows many other reasons why this is happening and many of the solutions.




Topics: Leadership, Motivation,