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Motivational Speakers & After Dinner Speakers - Room 54

After Dinner Speakers, Business, Guest and Keynote Speakers

is in the premier league when it comes to booking speakers for events. We have expert knowledge about the best motivational speakers and keynote speakers on the speaker circuit by attending as many events as possible.

Based at Pinewood Film Studios, we have been at the heart of show business for years and know what we are talking about – that's why we have customers who rave about our service and come back for more.

Whether you are a global company or small business looking for advice about an event or awards ceremony, Room54 will take time to tell you about the latest business speakers, motivational speakers and after dinner speakers causing a stir.

This website is packed with well known names but you will also find a hand picked selection of unusual entrepreneurs who share their expertise as motivational business speakers and specialist speakers with the wow factor - genuinely inspirational speakers.

Many of our inspirational business speakers will tailor their talks to bring out the business messages required and that's why we take a detailed brief and arrange a briefing session with the chosen speaker to ensure the very best. If you’re looking for top motivational women speakers for your event, Room54 has a diverse portfolio of business women speakers available.

Check out our website packed with motivational speakers, entrepreneurs,  guest speakers, after dinner speakers, business speakers, sporting speakers, keynote speakers, event hosts and presenters and many more, who are top choice for:

• Corporate and Company Awards Dinners
• Conferences and Seminars
• Business Clubs and Institutions
• Keynote Addresses
• Product Launches and Exhibitions
• Team Building, Training and Sales Events

Call us – we are always happy to discuss any ideas!

Speakers Spotlight

Room 54
Julz Adeniran

Motivational speaker, International Athlete and Law Graduate