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Sport and Sporting Speakers

Room54 can supply sporting speakers for events across the UK from a wide range of sporting backgrounds such as football, rugby, cricket, boxing, athletics and many more. Our sports speakers can deliver inspirational and motivational speeches covering topics such as teamwork or leadership. Alternatively, you may be looking for sporting speakers to regale your audience with anecdotes and comedy to provide light entertainment for your guests, which is often just the tonic required to contrast the more serious business of the day.  If you are looking for sports speakers, Room54 has a speaker to suit every type of event.


With no less than four Olympic Gold medals, Matthew Pinsent has become one of Britain’s finest Olympians. Matthew is an excellent ambassador for rowing (and sport in general) and his confident and friendly manner ensure he is a hot favourite on the speaking circuit. Audiences love to hear his personal anecdotes and his extraordinary story (and, of course, view those medals).

Topics: Sports, Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Inspirational,

Based in New York, Mike is one of the World’s leading authorities on elite talent and high performance, having worked in the English Premier League soccer since 1998.

Topics: Motivation, Training and Performance, Talent Development,

Naomi Riches was just 8 weeks old when she was diagnosed with a visual impairment.

Naomi swam for the local disabled swimming team Naomi, but apart from this had very little interest in sport.  It was 2004 when Naomi was offered the chance to join Great Britain’s Adaptive Rowing Team, she seized this opportunity.  Finally, this was something she could do because of her visual limitation rather than being told she couldn’t because of it.

Naomi competed in the Mixed Coxed Four winning six World Championship Gold Medals, a Paralympic Bronze Medal in Beijing and at the London 2012 Games she became Paralympic Champion.   As a result of the success in London, Naomi and her crew were awarded MBE’s in February 2013.

Topics: Sports, Health and Fitness, Self Motivation, Olympics 2012, Motivation/Inspiration, Achieving Goals,

Nicola Adams MBE is officially Great Britain’s most successful female boxer of all time.

Topics: Sports, Q&A,

Penny Mallory is one of a rare breed who is able to mix presenting TV shows, motivating audiences, writing and running sales and management training courses, running marathons, and writing about and driving rally cars!

Take Control is a powerfully motivating presentation that will stay with you...

High Performance Thinking - Learn how to use your thinking, feeling and behaviour to your advantage.


Topics: Sports, After Dinner, Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Host/Facilitator, Team Building, Women in enterprise,